MEMBERS of the public are being encouraged to consider becoming Special Constables.

North Wales Police is recruiting for the role and Wrexham Police Sergeant David Smith is encouraging people to find out more.

He said: “Special constables are just that – special.

"They're people from all walks of life who choose to spend their free time helping us to help others; helping us to improve the communities in which we all live and work.

"Helping us achieve our vision of a safer North Wales.

"They may be at home bringing up a family, in full-time employment, between jobs, studying or retired - but they all give their precious spare time free of charge for the good of the local community.

"I previously served as a Special Constable and thoroughly enjoyed the role, it gives you a tremendous sense of pride that you are helping to make a difference to the community that you serve, and also a fantastic insight into the role of the police if you are looking to join fulltime.”

Special Chief Inspector Mike Roberts, who works for a bank in his day job, added: "I am currently the Wrexham County Lead for Special Constables.

"In my nine years of service, I have had the opportunity of working within various operational areas, from response policing to the Criminal Investigation Department.

"I have also had the opportunity of heading up strategic areas of the Special Constabulary, such as management and development.

"In my current role, I provide management and leadership for Special Constables within Wrexham County; I plan, manage and monitor Special Constabulary activity within Wrexham County ensuring that professional standards are upheld.

"Being a Special Constable allows you to gain an insight into North Wales Police.

"It also allows you to develop new skills whilst developing existing ones.”

For more information, visit:

Be sure to apply as soon as possible to ensure you don’t miss out, as depending on the number of applications North Wales Police receives, the call may close earlier than the planned date of November 5.