A MAN who was "self-medicating" with cannabis to help him sleep has received a three-year ban after he was caught drug-driving.

Kevin Stephen Dean, of Woodland Drive in Greenfield, appeared at Mold Magistrates Court on Thursday.

The 36-year-old admitted that on April 15 at Holway Road in Holywell, he drove a Ford Focus when the proportion of cannabis in his blood exceeded the specified limit.

He was found to have 2.8 microgrammes of the drug per litre of blood, the limit being 2.

Justin Espie, prosecuting, told the court that on the day in question, police spotted Dean driving the vehicle.

He appeared to be towing a trailer which didn't have a number plate, so he was stopped.

A roadside drugs test returned a positive result for cannabis and he was taken to a police station for further testing - his blood being found to contain the proportion he was subsequently charged with.

Ceri Lewis, defending, told the court her client cooperated with police at the roadside and at the station.

He had ADHD and autistic spectrum disorder, Ms Lewis said, and his medication had been changed around the time of the offence.

He wasn't sleeping well and was "self-medicating."

Ms Lewis added: "He had a joint the night before to help him sleep.

"He didn't drive until 1.10pm the next day and he felt ok, but he was over.

"He has made the decision that he won't be driving again following the disqualification.

"He has scrapped the vehicle and has bought himself a bike."

Deputy District Judge Paul Conlon handed Dean a £120 fine and ordered him to pay a £34 surcharge, as well as £85 costs.

The defendant was disqualified for three years.

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