A FAMILIAR location features in Channel Four's popular property move show tonight.

Tonight's episode of Location, Location, Location is advertised as being in Cheshire.

But Plassey Holiday Park near Wrexham features prominently in the episode.

The Plassey welcomed the film crew and Kirstie and Phil as they attempted to help couple Gemma and Jac find their dream home.

On Instagram, the holiday park said: "Some of you might have seen our teasers a little while back of the film crew here at Plassey with many of you guessing correctly that it was for the popular TV show, Location Location Location.

"Tonight you can see the house-hunters find the perfect home in the perfect location for Gemma & Jac. All on the perfect Plassey doorstep!

"Will they make the move? Watch to find out!"

No floorboard is left unturned in the popular show as dynamic property experts Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer help house-hunters find the perfect home in the perfect location.

The latest episode airs at 8pm tonight (Wednesday).