A WREXHAM-based takeaway app with a difference is celebrating its first anniversary.

When Wrexham Eats was set up, among its objectives was to benefit town businesses and put money back into the community.

12 months later it has done just that, and customers can save 20 percent off their orders this week as a thank you.


Wrexham Eats promotion to mark first year in business.

Wrexham Eats promotion to mark first year in business.


Scott Beckman, who brought his social media know how to the company, said: "It's been a really positive first year, not just for our business but it has had a knock on effect for local businesses in Wrexham.

"We are doing a big promotion this week to give something back. There is 20 per cent off all take aways for the entire week, from Monday, October 4, until Sunday, October 12."

Scott, who runs the business with Michael Hoad, says he's calculated that the Wrexham takeaways have saved £480,000 that would have been lost in commission if they had used other delivery apps.

Scott added: "We've processes more than 250,000 orders this year after starting from scratch.

"When we started this we hoped for the best, we knew it was a really good idea. We didn't really have projections we just wanted to offer the best service that we could.

"So it's gone over and above our expectations. That's why we wanted to give something back to thank everyone for their support."


The Fat Boar uses the Wrexham Eats delivery app.

The Fat Boar uses the Wrexham Eats delivery app.


Wrexham Eats has about 80 takeaways, such as the Fat Boar, Everland Fish Bar, and Yellow and Blue Hub Cafe, and shops currently active on the app - some of which saw an opportunity to set up and use the app.

Customers can have pizzas, cakes and desserts, kebabs and burgers, and Sunday roasts delivered to their home.

Scott said that many found the app vital during the pandemic. Some takeaways may have had to close, while customers have been able to get their grocery staples delivered.

He added: "Quite a lot are new to delivering, and quite a few are on no other platform, they are soley using Wrexham Eats. Despite being a local business that's only been here for a year, we have more Wrexham takeaways than other platforms."

"It's not just about money saving, they get a much better service run by local people.

"There's lots of benefits for them."

"It's varied, there's a vast range. There's kebabs, pizzas and Chinese right down to deliveries of your standard shop. So during the pandemic people were able to get their bread and milk.

"It's more about us offering the level or support, that's why we've been so popular. It's the personal service. We take phone calls at all times of the day, and there's a WhatsApp group. They become our friends.

Find out more at https://www.wrexham-eats.co.uk/