THE FAMILY of a three-year-old Wrexham girl who has an inoperable brain tumour has been given the joyous news that it has shrunk in size.

Aria Hodgkiss, from Rhostyllen, was tragically diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) - a tumour in her brain stem - on the day of her third birthday.

Her family was given the devastating prognosis that Aria will likely live between just nine and 18 months from diagnoses - with the tumour being inoperable.

However, her family quickly set about finding alternative forms of treatment - and heard about the new ONC201 drug.

It is thought to kill certain cancerous cells and Aria is currently in receipt of it as part of a clinical trial based out of Germany.

She has been receiving the treatment for a few months, and on Friday had her latest MRI scan to find out how the tumour was progressing.

On Monday afternoon, her and her family were given the brilliant news that the tumour has in fact shrunk by 1cm.

Aria's mum, Mel, said: "It's amazing news - this was the positive result we wanted.

"Before the scan we were so anxious and we couldn't sleep at all. We actually manage to sleep really well last night as we feel a little bit of weight has been lifted off our shoulders."

And little Aria's remarkable fortitude has even surprised medical specialists.

Mel said: "The doctor was so happy and he has always said that he has never seen such a healthy looking child who has DIPG.

"He said even when she came in to hospital for the first time in April she was not showing any signs of it - she just didn't walk!"

Aria is far from out of the woods yet, and her next MRI scan is in January 2022, but if her tumour continues to shrink in size - she will have more precious time with her family.

To help Aria's family to keep being able to buy her the ONC201 treatment a fundraiser has been set up - as it could cost them thousands to keep importing.

To donate to it, click here.

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