A GIRL whose act of kindness touched a town has been thanked by the Prime Minister.

Six-year-old Lily Haggarty was dubbed “our little heroine” by veterans after she and mum Louise tidied up the Cenotaph in Wrexham earlier this year.

Former servicemen and traders in Wrexham were amazed to find out someone had tidied up the the wreaths and other tributes left at at Bodhyfryd.

When Steven Vale, owner of Caroline’s Viennese Patisserie in the town, heard about Lily he offered her and Louise a meal at his cafe.


Louise and Lily Haggarty.

Louise and Lily Haggarty.


When she arrived, Lily was presented with treats from the Welch Fusiliers Comrades Association and met Wrexham MP Sarah Atherton.

Now, Ms Atherton has presented Lily with a copy of the photo from the day with a handwritten message from UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Louise said: "Sarah delivered this personally to our house on behalf of Boris Johnson.

"Both of us are shocked to have received such a special gift. Never did I think that her small act of kindness would ever reach the Prime Minster at Number 10.

"We will be hopefully writing to him personally to thank him."

"This is definitely something that will be treasured and kept for many years to come."