IT was a trip down memory lane for Jade Jones OBE as she revisited her old primary school in Flint.

Excited children at Ysgol Gwynedd were treated to the visit by the local Olympian who started her education in the same classroom’s years prior.

The 28-year-old brought along her infamous gold medals from Olympic victory in London and Rio as she took questions from pupils – ranging from growing up in Flint to what it was like kicking people in the head.

The taekwondo prodigy spoke to the Leader about her fond memories of school as she returned to the Flintshire school – even meeting with some of her former teachers who still work there.

She said: “Its been amazing coming back to see all the children and teachers. They've been asking all sorts of questions about my training and being at the Olympics - and they were really chuffed to see the medals.

"Driving up here, it was kind of surreal seeing where you used to walk into the school. The entrance has changed as its new but the inside is pretty much the same as remember."

Jade joked that the interview took place in what was the headmasters office - and she recalls being in there a few times!

Jade continued: "I've been looking through pictures they've managed to find here of me through the years. It's strange seeing me that small in the uniform the kids here are in now."

The Team GB star also recalls bringing in her taekwondo medals and awards to show school assemblies – having started her journey with the sport at just age eight.

Previously, Jade’s grandad Martin Foulkes told the Leader how he took her for taekwondo lessons at the Pavilion Leisure Centre in Flint – which is now named after the decorated Olympian.

It was here that after trying out many different sports she was well and truly hooked on taekwondo.

Jade continued: “I was really shy when I was younger so it was a bit reluctant to bring in any medals. The teachers knew what I'd been up to and would always encourage me to come in with them.

"I remember a few times having to get up in assembly to show them. Deep down I loved it really!"

Headteacher Dewi Hughes said that it was amazing to have Jade come and pay a visit to the school.

He said: "I remember watching Jade win in London and the atmosphere locally was electric. Most people didn't know about our town back then, but she well and truly put Flint on the map from that point. We're all very proud that she's gone on to achieve great success."

Jones went on to read a copy of her book brought out in collaboration with Dreams with one lucky class – who even got the Olympian to host an impromptu book signing.

When quizzed by one pupil after the reading about her future Olympic attempts, Jade said she would soon be hard at work training for the 2024 games in Paris – but added that it would likely be her last round in the Olympic ring.