WREXHAM Council has information on its website to make it easier for people to dispose of their food waste.

The most common questions people have is about their food caddy and what waste they are allowed to put in it.

  • Broken food caddy?

If your food caddy is broken you can request a new one for free on Wrexham Council's website.

Follow the link here.

  • In need of more caddy liners?

Anyone in need of a new roll can just tie an empty liner to their caddy handle on their next collection day and the recycling crew will leave you a new roll free of charge.

The council also has free caddy liners that you can pick up from its recycling centres. You will also start to see them appear in local community buildings such as libraries, resource centres and housing offices over the coming weeks too.

  • What can I recycle?

As well as everything you will already know about, take a look at this list some of the foods you mightn’t necessarily think of, such as:

  • Out of date foods
  • Bones and carcasses
  • Egg shells
  • Banana peelings (and other peelings)
  • Apple cores
  • Coffee granules
  • Raw foods
  • Mouldy foods
  • Plate scrapings
  • Uneaten ready meals
  • Fast food (e.g. chips and pizzas)
  • Shellfish

For more information on recycling in Wrexham, visit wrexham.gov.uk/recycling