There are many difficult choices to be made in life, and for a former Flintshire man, one of the biggest was made at aged 10.

Steve Parry, originally from Drury, near Buckley, was taken to a match at Chester and Wrexham by his father, who then said "make a choice son".

The youngster went on to become a Reds fan since that first game in 1963.

Steve, now near Builth Wells, had never missed a home game before he moved away from the area in the early 1980s.

In his time supporting the club, the 68-year-old has amassed an impressive collection of all things Wrexham AFC, in particular programmes from the 60s and "glorious 70s".

At some point he would love to pass the collection on, with none of his three daughters sharing his love for the sport.

Steve said: "Ever since I started going, it got me hooked.

"I couldn't wait for the newspapers to come out each week, and my mum encouraged me to keep the reports.

"I would like to hear from anyone who would be interested in giving it a good home. Someone who is genuinely interested in the club.

"I'd like them to go to someone who would look after them and enjoy them.

"I flick through and see adverts for places that are no longer there. There's plenty of historic value in them."

DID YOU MISS? Wrexham AFC collection a labour of love for Reds fan

And what does he think to the current star-studded goings on at the Racecourse?

Steve said: "I'm very pleased. It's been a tale of woe.

"For me having followed them for so long, to see them go into the non league was a disaster, as it was for most supporters.

"I used to think we had a great club, with a great following but we couldn't compete with clubs that had loads more money. Now we're in that position.

"In the long run as long as they foster local lads and get a bit of interest at that level, bring players in who are not just great players from the other end of the country but some local lads, that would be great.

"Expectations are very high at the moment but it's a new team and will take time, a few games to settle in.

"But it's great for the club.

"The really great thing about Wrexham was you always felt part of the club.

"They were ordinary people. We would hang around the players' entrance and I can remember centre forward Ernie Phythian arriving on his bike!

"Being there for the lows, then seeing the club rise, it all made you feel so proud. Great days.

"Here’s hoping for a great future for the club. Come on you Reds!"

• Steve would love to hear from anyone who would be interested in inheriting his collection of Wrexham AFC programmes.

You can pass on your interest and details to