POLICE have shared their tips to avoid drama on the school run because of bad parking.

This month saw the summer break end and classrooms across the region return to normal for the autumn term.

North Wales Police highlighted the issue that commonly arises at pick-up and drop-off times with parents not being respectful of car parking rules in and around school.

In a message sent out via the North Wales Police Community Alert system, PCSO Alexandra Jones said: “Over the next few weeks we are highlighting the need to be aware of pedestrians, other roads users and local residents when dropping your children off or picking them up from school.

“Most schools have a parking policy which needs to be followed.”

The post suggests one way parents could help ease congestion at the school gates.

If you can’t walk to school from your home, PCSO Jones suggests parking a short distance away and walking the short five or 10 minutes if possible.

PCSO Jones’ message continues by listing the place you should not park, including…

- on zig zags and double yellow lines

- in a way that blocks access for emergency vehicles

- opposite to or near to a junction

- on a bend

- near the brow of a hill

- near a school entrance, bus or tram stop

- over or on the driveway of a property

- over a dropped kerb

- on the pavement - this can cause problems for parents with prams, wheelchair or mobility scooter users and the elderly.

- on or near crossing points where a school crossing patrol operates, this can impede their view, making the crossing unsafe

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