A WREXHAM woman who was described as a ‘lovable rogue’ will have her dying wishes fulfilled as she should get the 'send-off she deserves'.

Margaret Evans, known as Peggy, was cared for at Whitehouse Care Home on Grove Road before she died, aged 94, on August 22 from Covid-related illnesses.

Sadly, no family members were around for her final moments and so a fundraiser was launched to help towards the funeral costs to ensure her dying wishes were carried out.

Peggy is the daughter of football legend Tommy Bamford, and her only wish was to have her ashes spread at Wrexham, just like her dad.

Care home manager Debbie Davies said: “This lady came to us about five years ago in a taxi with a little dog, she came in as an emergency.

“She loved her dog Ozzy and called him Ozzy after Ozzy Osbourne. Peggy lived with us here for five years and she enjoyed being with us as she felt we were her family. Peggy brought Ozzy in on her admission, and we cared for him too with his own care plan.

“He had his own vet and he sadly passed away two and half years ago and is buried in the care home garden. Ozzy was known to all the doctors, nurses and social workers who visited the home.

“Ozzy slept on the bottom of Peggy’s bed unless he was being spoilt by night staff or sitting under my desk in the office.

“Peggy contracted Covid in January this year as did many and fought it quite defiantly but didn’t quite get over it and due to suffering with long-Covid passed away on August 22. She died in hospital but hasn’t got any family, so it’s been really difficult.

“She had no insurance, so we decided to launch a fundraiser to help towards her final wishes. She should be recognised.

“We’ve got her an early slot for a cremation, it’s all really sad but we were able to work with Wrexham Football club to get her ashes spread on the racecourse just like her dad.

“She spoke about her dad and Wrexham AFC a lot; she adored him and was always talking about him.”

The fundraiser has raised over £200, and plans are already in place to give Peggy the send-off she deserves.

Debbie added: “We’ve been her family. It’s just really sad and it’s been really difficult.

“Everyone knew about her. It’s been awful here we’ve had a lot of deaths due to Covid, but Peggy just never got over it, she had a bad chest.

“She was very straight, she said it how it was and was a lovable rogue. She was a character and will be very sadly missed here, where she would normally be shouting at people.

“All she wanted was to be scattered on the pitch so I just thought if I can’t do that now for her, what can I do?”

Peggy was born Margaret Winifred Bamford and had two sisters Francis and Lorna and a brother Thomas, and her mum was called Jane Bamford.

Debbie said: “Peggy used to take part in activities at the home and always spoke about the love for her dad Tommy and how proud she was of him. The last thing she wanted out of life was to be scattered alongside her loving dad on the racecourse ground.

“She is sadly missed. I have been in touch with Ryan Reynolds agents Milo in America and also Geraint at the racecourse with the assistance of Wayne Jones from the Turf and now we have had the consent for her to be scattered alongside Wrexham FC ground at the Racecourse.

"I would like to thank everyone who has assisted us in managing the funeral which will be quiet and a few words spoken by our staff about her. Assistance from Wrexham Council is appreciated and her appointee Val Jones.”


Tommy Bamford, a scoring machine.

Tommy Bamford, a scoring machine.


Who is Tommy Bamford?

Tommy Bamford is a Wrexham Football Club legend who holds a number of goalscoring records for the club, including a record tally of 174 league goals as well as the most league goals in a season (44).

At the age of 23, he started his league career with Wrexham after playing most of his earlier football in local leagues around South Wales.

His legendary goalscoring record soon began to attract the attention of bigger clubs, and in 1934 he was transferred to Manchester United, where he went on to win the Second Division Championship, before returning to South Wales to sign for Swansea Town, where he stayed until the outbreak of World War Two.

There is a suite in Wrexham FC named after him called the ‘Tommy Bamford Suite’