OUR loved ones are being let down, families across Wales say, as a campaign has been launched for an inquiry into the Covid-19 handling.

A UK-wide campaign has been launched as 'families deserve answers' following hundreds of thousands of Coovid-related deaths across the country.

As a result, a Wales-specific group was launched - Covid-19 Bereaved Families Cymru group to provide support for Welsh families and not to be a 'footnote' in UK findings.

The groups is calling for an independent public inquiry which will 'not save lives' but lessons can be learnt.

The Covid-19 Bereaved Families Cymru group has been set up for those families bereaved by decisions taken by the Welsh government before and during the Covid-19 pandemic in Wales.

A group spokesman said: "We are calling on the Welsh Government to start an immediate Wales-specific statutory public inquiry. They deserve to be properly scrutinised - not a footnote in a UK Government inquiry.

"Many of our loved ones acquired Covid-19 whilst in hospital during the second wave. Many then sent home without being retested; spreading infection into the community and subsequently dying.

"In hospitals and care homes PPE was lacking, staff not tested unless symptomatic, ventilation poor and infected patients were knowingly put on non-Covid wards and their movement not restricted."

Families are having to deal with the loss of their loved ones, who often died 'confused and alone' and many had do not resuscitate plans in place without proper consultations.

The spokesman added: "Many were not treated with care and dignity. Many had DNRs placed without consultation with next of kin. Communication was poor or non-existent. Loved ones died confused and alone. Lessons most definitely have not been learnt.

"Responses to our serious concerns regarding their care and subsequent death have been significantly delayed, inaccurate, contradictory or non- existent. This process is woefully inadequate and needs changing.

"A Wales -specific inquiry would provide an independent review to investigate if deaths in Wales could have been prevented.

"As the First Minister has clearly pointed out throughout the pandemic, decisions in relation to the rules surrounding Covid-19 in Wales are made in Wales. He has been keen to highlight the often-significant differences of those rules between England and Wales.

"Decisions taken in Wales, which have had an impact on the people of Wales should therefore be scrutinised in Wales."

More information can be found on the Facebook Page or Twitter handle @cymru_inquiry.

A Welsh Government spokesperson said that a UK-wide inquiry will have the capacity to oversee decisions made across the four nations.

They said: "A UK-wide inquiry will have the capacity and force to oversee the interconnected nature of the decisions that have been made across the four nations and is the best way for the experiences of people in Wales to be properly understood.

"The First Minister has spoken directly to the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster about the many specific issues the inquiry must focus on to deal comprehensively with the actions of the Welsh Government and reflect the experiences of people in Wales."