It may still be August but the C-word has been appearing more and more. I am of course talking about Christmas.

Last year's was a bit of a bust, and there's a lot pinned on this year's festive celebration.

Yet already it's on the 'at risk' list, with talk of the seasonal favourite, pigs in blankets, being in short supply.

But as a time of year filled with tradition, there will always be plenty to enjoy, memories to recall.

And it's one Wrexham family's actions during the festivities that became a tradition, we look at today.

We all know the areas in which we live have changed over the years - from new housing estates to supermarkets, demolitions and even nature just getting a bit bigger.

But it's easy to forget just how things used to be, how a certain street looked.

This is where a fun project for the Wrexham family - Kaz Morris, husband Ian and daughter Natasha - really takes off, and it's something most of us can start in our own areas.

Kaz, 51, got in touch to share a collection of photos the family started taking on Boxing Day across Caia Park, Wrexham town centre and Penybryn.

She said: "My husband, daughter and myself would go for a walk around Wrexham on Boxing Day, taking random pics until the film ran out!

"We did this for a few years, starting around the mid-90s, but can't remember exactly.

"Going by the cars, the last lot must have been taken after 2002, but I can't remember the first year we went out.

"We chose Boxing Day initially because the town was basically closed and we didn't want lots people in the photos.

"But then it became busier and we stopped for a while. We have about 10 years worth of photos.

"I was fascinated even back then by just how quickly things were changing."

Would the family re-start the photo project?

Kaz, who starts her new role as a science technician at Ysgol Clywedog next week, said: "We might do it again this year but there are just so many people now.

"Maybe we'll even do Christmas Day instead."

• If you have done something similar or this has inspired you to start your own photography project, snapping moments in time, do get in touch - email