CONCERNS have been raised over a town’s public toilets that are set to be demolished, which has been branded a ‘mistake’.

It was previously reported that plans to demolish a block of public toilets at New Street in Mold were backed to make way for more parking spaces.

Last year, the Leader reported that Flintshire’s cabinet agreed the New Street public convenience would close - if the town council did not wish to take on the management of the facility, which the town council chose not to do.

Both the town and county councils have been working closely on the project and designed a plan to improve the facility in King Street Bus Station and extend the parking availability at New Street car park, facilitated by the demolition of the existing public convenience facility.

However, one local worker, who did not wish to be named, said the toilets are set to be demolished this year.

He told the Leader that this is a ‘mistake’ and will likely affect the town’s trading.

He added: “I see daily the amount of people that use the toilets. Coaches park up there during the summer months to visit the market and the first place they head for is the toilets.

“I think the public will be disappointed to lose them as the toilets near the bus station are a bit out of the way.

“With all the new businesses opening in the town and coaches returning for the market, I personally think the council are making a mistake.”

Flintshire’s Chief Officer for Streetscene and Transportation, Katie Wilby, added: “In accordance with our Local Toilets Strategy, isolated facilities such as the New Street facilities regularly attract antisocial behaviour, which puts people off using them. As a result, we have adopted a more enabling approach by promoting the use of existing toilets in Council buildings such as libraries and Connects Centres, which people feel more confident and comfortable using.

“Following a review of the toilet facilities in Mold, the costs identified for reconditioning and improving the standard of the facilities in New Street Car Park were not economically viable.

“Consequently, improved facilities have been developed within the Bus Station complex, which are within the same distance from the centre of town as the New Street facilities. The improved facilities at Mold Bus Station will provide an alternative upgraded site within the transport hub for the town.

“Additional toilet facilities are also available for the public to use in Mold Library and the Daniel Owen Centre.”

Flintshire’s Local Toilets Strategy is available on the website at: