BEING halfway around the world, its going to take a little bit of planning to make sure you’re by a TV when certain Olympic sports are on.

For the town of Flint, all eyes will be fixed on the 57kg women’s taekwondo matches - this is because local legend Jade Jones OBE will be competing.

Jade is aiming to add her own page to the sporting history books by becoming the first female British athlete to win three consecutive gold medals at an Olympic Games.

There is a time difference of eight hours between Japan and the UK.

With that said, if people wanting to watch the ‘Golden Girl’ do what she does best (kick people in the head!), they will need to make note of these times.

The fights that will matter most to Jade are taking place this weekend on Sunday, July 25.

UK timings for Jade are as follows:

• 3.30am - first round

• 6.30am - second round

• 8.30am - third round

• 12.30pm – bronze medal round


• 1.30 pm – gold medal round

A spokesman for the BBC said: “We have extensive coverage for the Olympic Games from Friday 23 July until Sunday 8 August on BBC iPlayer.

“In addition to streaming what’s on TV each day, a second live stream will ensure fans can catch all the unmissable moments from this year’s Olympics as they unfold.

“UK audiences can still enjoy anything they may have missed live with special highlights programmes available on BBC iPlayer.

“Viewers watching live programmes on BBC iPlayer can also make use of the live restart function, allowing them to watch their favourite events from the beginning.”