FLINT’S ‘golden girl’ has quite a reputation – and is aiming to make history with a third gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics this weekend.

After the COVID-19 pandemic led to the Summer Games being postponed in 2020, athletes are raring to go as the event gets underway in the Japanese capital.

Jade Jones OBE, who is Flint born and raised, is going for gold – her third to be precise. This achievement would make her the first British Olympian to win gold at three consecutive Games.

Her first came during her Olympic debut in the London 2012 Games, followed up by fiery performance in Rio de Janeiro’s 2016 spectacle. Now, the outcome of Tokyo awaits.

Speaking with the Leader, Jade’s grandad Martin Foulkes shares his immense pride with what his granddaughter has achieved in the last decade alone.

He said: “Win or lose we’ll all be proud of Jade no matter what. She has achieved so much in her life already and to represent her country in such an amazing way, I am fit to burst with pride."

Flint was where her passion for taekwondo ignited – after other sports did not keep her interest for long.


Her lessons started at age eight in the Pavilion Leisure Centre in Flint – which is now named after the decorated Olympian.

What started out as just a hobby, Jade was soon kicking her way up to a professional level.

Martin added: “She tried most sports when she was younger. We took her to football, rugby, badminton, swimming - but none of it kept her interest for more than a few weeks.

“One day we were coming out of the leisure centre in Flint, and she was drawn to all of the shouting and noise we could hear. They were holding taekwondo lessons at the time.

“She had a go and couldn’t wait to get back. The look on her face said it all – she was hooked.”

Martin added that Jade went on to practice in the region for many years to come.

He said she enjoyed being able to kick people ‘as hard as she liked’ without being pulled up for it.

The proud grandfather said that the entire family – as well as the whole town – are right behind Jade as she goes for gold.

She said: “I’ve spoken to her every day since she got to Tokyo – she seems calm but a bit nervous as you’d be able to imagine. She is loving it over there and cannot wait for Sunday.

“I’ve told her about the places we’ve seen that have big Jade Jones flags flying here in Flint, supporting her.

"It's going to be strange watching from miles and miles away as we were all supposed to be in Tokyo cheering her on ringside but its just not possible because of COVID.

“We’re all going to have it on a big screen and watch her fight as a family.

"She makes us all really proud with what she has achieved. She's a real inspiration”

The women’s taekwondo competition where Jade will compete airs on Sunday, July 25.