The pandemic saw more people than ever making the most of their gardens.

So it was only fitting our most recent theme challenge for Leader Camera Club members asked them to put gardens in the frame.

From flora to fauna, there really is something to see in any private outdoor space, regardless of size.

Already big business, since spring 2020, we all got planting, improving and making-over. But the top online searched-for garden style, might surprise you.

Data analysis by revealed that Japanese gardens are the most-searched-for garden style so far in 2021.

This was followed by herb, modern, cottage and rock.

The UK-specific Google data shows that thousands of Brits are looking to turn their outdoor gardens into a sanctuary space of calm reflection.

The analysis shows firmly that smaller growing spaces such as herb and balcony gardens have seen declining interest, while more exotic spaces such as Wildlife and Mediterranean gardens are in.

This is good news for the country’s wildlife that will undoubtedly benefit from an increase in garden ponds, insect-friendly spaces and pollinator plants.

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