NEIGHBOURS on a Caia Park estate have recalled the last moments they saw a murder victim alive.

The trial against Barry John Bagnall continued at Mold Crown Court has recommenced.

Bagnall stands accused of murdering 60-year-old Terry Edwards between May 29 and June 1 last year.

The forklift truck driver, of Trevenna Way, also faces a charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

The court was told about the last moments that Mr Edwards neighbours recall seeing him alive.

Susan Prandle appeared in the witnesses box and recalled the days leading up to the discovery of Mr Edwards’ body.

She explained to the prosecution, Michael Jones, how she lived in the flat opposite Mr Edwards on Pont Wen for around 20 years at the time of the killing.

Mrs Prandle said that she would bake cakes for Terry ‘every now and then’ but mainly knew him ‘in passing’.

She described Mr Edwards as ‘nearly always on his bike’ but admitted she thought he looked “gaunt”.

Mrs Prandle told the court how she was also aware Terry had frequent visitors to his property but this dwindled off at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic – just months before he was killed.

She told the court that she saw him pushing his bike into his home on Thursday, May 28. She did not see him again over the Bank Holiday weekend.

She was the one who initially raised the alarm having not seen Mr Edwards for several days, and noted that on nice summer days he would often be seen leaving the property on his bike.

She said that it was also unusual that his blinds had remained closed during the day.

The alarm was raised on Monday evening, the court heard, after Mrs Prandle tried to call out to Terry from his front door. She claimed to have a ‘gut feeling’ and asked her husband to call the police.

She later joined officers to identify his body at the property.

The Leader: Terry Edwards was found dead at his home in Pont Wen, Caia Park. [Main Image: Google Maps / Inset Image: NWP Handout.]

Terry Edwards was found dead at his home in Pont Wen, Caia Park. [Main Image: Google Maps / Inset Image: NWP Handout.]


Barry Bagnall back in the dock as Terry Edwards murder trial continues

Trial begins into case of Terry Edwards murder

When quizzed by the prosecution, she claimed that her relationship with Bagnall was also minimal -however she did know he was a friend of Mr Edwards.

She told the court how she would say hello in passing but nothing more than that. She wasn’t aware of seeing Bagnall return to the property after Thursday, May 28.

Mrs Prandle's husband Kenny also gave evidence in court.

He said the last time he saw Mr Edwards alive was the Friday night, May 29, before his death.

He recalled being sat with a friend in the front garden area of the estate and noticed the light of Mr Edwards come on at about 11.30pm.

The court was told by Mr Prandle that he noticed Terry going through his kitchen cupboards for a couple of minutes before it went dark again.

He did not recall being able to see anyone either enter or leave the flat that night.

The court was told that he did tell police officers in statements after Mr Edwards was found dead that Bagnall was at the property on Saturday, May 30 – the following day – shouting through the letterbox of Mr Edwards.

He did not hear what was said but knew it was Bagnall.

Finally, Barry Ellis-Price gave his account of what happened.

Living just several doors away from Mr Edward's property, he told the jury that he had known Mr Edwards in passing and did not claim to be close with him.

He told the court how he last saw Mr Edwards while having a drink with Mr Prandall.

He confirmed what Mr Prandle previously told the court about seeing Mr Edwards alive in his kitchen at around 11.30pm that evening.

Mr Ellis-Price recalls making note of Mr Edwards because it was getting dark and the sudden light caught their eyes.

When asked about his knowledge of Bagnall, he knew his link to Terry but could not recall the last time he saw the pair together. He told the prosecution that as a shift worker he was not always around to see the goings on of the estate.

Mr Ellis-Price’s son Nathan had a statement read aloud in court.

He confirmed being at home on Friday with his wife and children when he said he went to his dad’s house with a box of cider for his birthday that evening just as it was getting dark, estimated at around 9pm.

His statement said that he was there just briefly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, not wanting to put his family at risk. He was the one who suggested his dad should have a drink with Mr Prandle that night.

He said he did not know Terry Edwards and told police that he only saw Mr Prandle in the area.

The jury have previously watched CCTV footage in the days surrounding the incident following Bagnall’s movements, as well as crime scene photos of Mr Edwards flat and heard from those involved in the investigation of his death.

More witnesses will be called to give evidence during the week – including pathologists and crime scene experts.