A MAN caught carrying a knife in Wrexham has been jailed.

Wrexham Town Inspector, Luke Hughes, told the Leader how CCTV operators were able to catch a person who appeared to be acting suspiciously.

He told the Leader: “During the early hours of Thursday, May 20, CCTV operators in the town centre pick up a male acting aggressively in Abbot Street, Wrexham. Whilst they monitored him, they believed that he had dropped an item that resembled a knife.”

Insp Hughes says that officers found the man – 19-year-old Nial Ferry of NFA – and was arrested for possessing a seven-inch kitchen knife.

Ferry was subsequently charged and jailed for 26 weeks having appeared in court.

Insp Hughes continued: “I am often reluctant to circulate good arrests of this nature as I’m conscious of the damage social media and news reports can potentially have on public perception of knife and violent crime.

“The reality is that Wrexham and North Wales are very safe places to live, however we do have isolated incidents such as this.

“I wanted to highlight this incident as it demonstrates the effectiveness of CCTV in the town, the fact that they are here to keep us all safe and that when needed they provide clear and compelling evidence.”