THE driver who caused a collision near Wrexham that killed a popular Whitchurch football supporter has been jailed for five years at Mold Crown Court.

Callum Talbot, 23, from Caldecott Crescent in Whitchurch, was driving a BMW X3 car in the early hours of January 5, 2020 when he collided with a tree, overturning the car as it was forced off the road in Horseman's Green, Wrexham.

Talbot survived the accident but Aaron Millington, a passenger in the car, died later after suffering major impact injuries.

Another victim, Tracey Thomas, who was in the front seat, was treated in hospital in Chester for two weeks, and has lost the permanent use of a little finger.

He pleaded guilty to both charges of causing death by dangerous driving, and serious injury by dangerous driving.

The court heard that five hours after the accident, Talbot was tested and found to have 110 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood; the legal limit being 80 milligrams.

However, officers calculated that at the time of the accident, he would have had 205 milligrams per 100 millilitres of blood - meaning he would have been two-and-a-half times the limit.

The court heard that Talbot had been drinking from 5.30pm until past midnight when he decided to drive his car to McDonald's in Whitchurch with Arron and Tracey.

According to Mrs Thomas's statement, he had not shown any signs that he had been drinking but once they had left the fast food restaurant towards Wrexham, his driving became erratic.

Before he came off the road on the A525, it had been calculated that Talbot had hit a top speed of around 120mph in a 60mph zone and was 'showing off', according to Judge Niclas Parry.

Both passengers had also 'screamed' for Talbot to slow down but he ignored their pleas, and it was also stated that he had not checked to see that three of his tyres were defective.

Talbot was jailed for five years and four months for causing the death of Mr Millington and two years for causing serious injury to Mrs Thomas – to be served concurrently.

Judge Parry said: "The life of a family is shattered beyond repair.

"Having consumed by your own admission nine pints you decided to drive and by your own admission you had not checked the condition of these defective tyres.

"You drove passengers at a speed over 120 mph in a 60-limit – you were showing off.

"Your driving was so fast that your wheels touched grass verges and such was the fear of one of the passengers she hung onto the car.

"They screamed at you to stop and you didn’t. Such was the speed, your engine and gearbox became detached.

"It resulted in the death of an only child, a 22 year-old man – an utter waste of a life.

"Life for the Millington family will never be the same gain – he was a loving son and a valued friend.

"You chose to disregard the rules of the road, with alcohol in your system with three defective tyres.

"I accept that you are genuinely remorseful – of that I have no doubt."

The court also heard a victim impact statement from Jane Millington, who described the 'hole in their lives' and how she and his father Tony were devastated at his loss.

She said: "We were blessed to have him as our son."

Talbot was also disqualified from driving for five years and eight months, while Judge Parry acknowledged he had tried to administer first aid to Mr Millington.