WORK is taking place to accommodate nearly 100 extra cars at Wepre Park.

The work at Flintshire beauty spot is on land already used as a grass car park in the summer months, but it will allow for a further 95 spaces to be available all year round.

The Leader has on several occasions reported on the parking issues surrounding Wepre Park - with nearby residential areas becoming clogged with parked cars due to its car park quickly filling up.

Concerned residents have described the issue as a "nightmare" and an "accident waiting to happen".

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Andy Farrow, Flintshire Council's chief officer for planning, environment and economy, said: "The work on the car park at Wepre Park will provide 95 spaces, however these are not ‘additional’ spaces as the area has previously been used as an overflow parking area in the summer months.

"However, the overflow car parking areas cannot accommodate cars in the wetter winter, spring and autumn months. As we are now experiencing higher numbers of visitors throughout the year the work currently underway when completed will provide an increase in parking capacity all year round.

“We anticipate the work will be completed by mid-July.”