A WREXHAM campaigner has given his support to a campaign to raise awareness about the danger of carrying knives.

Flintshire North Police Sergeant Matt Subbachi has been running a campaign on social media all this week using the hashtags #stopknifecrime # stopknifecrimeflintshire and #youcansavealife.


Danny Maddocks, whose brother 34-year-old brother Craig was murdered in a knife attack at the Cambrian Vaults pub, Wrexham, in June 2013, has welcomed the campaign.

"It changes lives in the matter of seconds," he said.

"The more people that get on board the better. I am glad that someone else is trying to push people to stop carrying knives."

He added that the consequences of knife crime can be widespread.

"It affected the whole community when it happened to my brother.

"It still has a massive impact on my mum. It shouldn't have happened. To lose a man of that age, although it has been years it still has a big impact on our lives. When we see things about knife crime on telly or Facebook it brings it back every single day."

Danny is a Facebook page to keep people informed about the impacts of carrying blades, called ‘OnTheKnifeEdge’, he is a trained ‘Knifesaver’.

He visits schools to get the message across to young people.

Danny said: "I'm trying to campaign against knife crime now. I go into schools with North Wales Police and the Youth Justice Service to talk about the affects of knife crime. The police tell them what offence they are committing if they carry a knife, and what sentence they could have. I play my part by telling them how it affects the families. I tell them what it did to me and what the aftermath was, going to court and hearing the story again with all the stress that comes with it.

"It is my way of getting my message across."

"It's scary to have it so close, on your doorstep. It's hard to think it is happening so close to home. It shocks the kids when we tell them but you can see them thinking about it."