A MOLD salon owner has recently celebrated a number of achievements - having won an award, enjoyed recognition at a prestigious event and been nominated for a further four prizes.

Michelle Williams from Nercwys has been running the Eyelicious Brow, Lash and Skin Clinic on Earl Road since last November.

Before that, the 41-year-old previously rented a space at the town’s High Street tanning salon, Tanz n Hanz, to run her business out of there for the past eight years.

Michelle is currently celebrating a number of achievements.

She recently won the 'Brow Lamination Specialist 2020' at the KBH awards which recognises the best of the best in the UK's hair and beauty business.

As well as this, she also enjoyed some recognition at the UK Hair and Beauty Awards held back in March - coming second place in the HBA Rising Star Award, as well as Eyelicious coming fifth for Best Salon Decor and she herself placing sixth for Best for Brows throughout the whole of the UK.

Michelle is now anticipating even further success as she has once again been nominated for four separate categories at the British Hair and Beauty Awards, those being; Brow Specialist of the Year, Skin Specialist of the Year, Excellence in Customer Service and Self Employed of the Year.

Michelle said: "Out of thousands of applicants and my first time ever entering awards, it really is a great result to be in the UK’s Top 10

"All my clients are super proud, local businesses in town have been congratulating me and it’s nice to start back at work with a bang. I only reopened on April 12, following another 4 months lockdown and prior to that, the clinic was only open for 1 month before lockdown 3.

"I’m really pleased just to be shortlisted, as it’s all based on customer reviews across your online platforms. The KBH award I won was very pretty too!"