THE trial of a Wrexham man accused of murder has begun

A jury – made up of eight men and four women – were sworn in at Mold Crown Court on Tuesday, June 1, ahead of the trail of Barry John Bagnall.

The hearing is expected to last between three and four weeks.

Bagnall - 41-year-old forklift truck driver - is accused of killing Terry Edwards of Caia Park between May 28 and May 31.

The 60-year-old was found dead in his own bed. He had sustained multiple blunt force injuries to his head and was covered by a duvet.

Michael Jones, prosecuting, told the jury how they will see evidence including CCTV footage, phone logs, bank records, a timeline of events, text message chains, and witness statements.

Mr Jones told the jury how Mr Edwards lived alone at his flat in Caia Park and explained how he had become ‘increasingly frail’ in the time leading up to his death.

It was said that Mr Edwards had a history of falling and was initially thought to be a factor in his death.

Neighbours were able to report the last possible time Mr Edwards was seen alive.

The court heard that one resident on the estate remembers seeing Edwards through his kitchen window at 11pm on May 29 - he appeared to be alone.

The next day, the court was told how Mr Edwards mobile phone was permanently disconnected from the network. It was said that Bagnall’s mobile was identified by phone towers as being around Mr Edwards home address.

On Sunday, the alarm was later raised with North Wales Police by another neighbour who was concerned for Mr Edward's safety.

She said he had not been seen him for several days – and that his curtains were closed.

She added that she knew Bagnall was a frequent visitor, but she had not seen him for some days either.

After hearing her concerns, and more people reporting not having seen Mr Edwards for some time, police broke through the front door of the flat and discovered his body.

It was first thought that Mr Edwards injuries had come from an earlier fall or a cycling accident.

However, local pathologists referred the case to the Home Office.

The Home Office pathologist will give more evidence later in the trial, the prosecution said.

Police interviewed Bagnall several times over the course of the summer in relation to the murder enquiry.

The jury was told they would be able to see transcripts throughout the course of the trial, the prosecution said.

Mr Jones added that Bagnall denied killing Mr Edwards, claiming to have last seen him on May 29 when he dropped off two packets of crack cocaine without entering the home.

He claims to have been invited to come back the following day - but got no answer when knocking on the door and did not have phone credit to call.

He made further statements attempting to explain why his DNA would be present around Mr Edwards' home – claiming to have had sex in Mr Edwards bed with a woman in recent weeks and was not sure if the duvet sheets had been changed.

In future interviews, he gave "no comment" answers.

Bagnall was arrested and charged in November 2020.

It is alleged that he spoke in detail about the crime to another prisoner at HMP Berwyn – who cannot be named due to court-imposed restrictions – when exchanging stories about how they ended up behind bars.

The jury was told briefly how the prisoner knew several correct details that had not been released publicly as part of the investigation.

The prisoner is said to have contacted his probation officer in December for advice about what he should do with this information as he knew of Bagnall’s intention to plead not guilty.

Police spoke with the prisoner and confirmed it was not possible he could have information only the killer of Mr Edwards' would know.

More detailed statements from both will be delivered later in the trial.

Judge Rhys Rowlands – who is overseeing the case – told members of the jury to remain clear of mind and avoid discussing the case outside the courtroom.