ARMED robbers, burglars and prisoners that couldn’t behave themselves were amongst the Wrexham and Flintshire criminals brought before the courts last month.

Justice has been served to many over May – with freshly sentenced crooks set to spend their summer locked behind bars for their crimes.

The Leader has taken a look back at some of the court cases that have been featured in the paper this month following hearings at the region’s court buildings.

These are some of the criminals who were jailed by the courts in March:

NAME: Warren Martin Coulton

AGE: 52

DATE: Wednesday, May 5

COURT: Mold Crown Court

CRIME: Manslaughter of partner left 'bound and gagged' during sex

SENTENCE: Six years in prison

A MEMBER of staff at the holiday park had made the grim discovery of Claire Wright’s naked body hidden under a duvet.

The Leader: Warren Martin Coulton.

NAME: Amadeusz Myzywa

AGE: 33

DATE: Thursday, May 6

COURT: Mold Crown Court

CRIME: Double burglary

SENTENCE: One year and six months in prison

WHAT THE JUDGE SAID: “After a day's drinking you were out late at night looking for things to steal.”

A SHOTTON man who burgled two homes late at night after 'binge drinking' has been jailed.

The Leader: Amadeusz Myzywa.

NAME: Graham Barrowman

AGE: 43

DATE: Monday, May 10

COURT: Mold Crown Court

CRIME: Assaulting four prison officers

SENTENCE: One year and four months in prison sentence

WHAT THE JUDGE SAID: “What you did was a disgusting piece of behaviour. Spitting in the mouth of another human being is as disgraceful as things get - and you know that.”

WHILE officers were detaining Barrowman, he spat saliva containing blood into one of their mouths, shouting: “Have that - I’ve got f****** aids as well.”.

The Leader:

NAME: Paul Andrew Taylor

AGE: 33

DATE: Tuesday, May 12

COURT: Mold Crown Court

CRIME: Armed robbery

SENTENCE: Four years in prison

THE cashier believed he had a gun and would shoot her if she did not open the till.

The Leader: Paul Taylor.

NAME: Thomas Dale Boyes

AGE: 29

DATE: Thursday, May 13

COURT: Mold Crown Court

CRIME: Drink driving

SENTENCE: Eight months in jail and a three-year driving ban

WHAT THE JUDGE SAID: “It is very dangerous to be using a car as a weapon to threaten someone. It’s time to grow up.”

A HOLYWELL man has been told to grow up after he admitted dangerous drink driving when he used his car to frighten a pedestrian.

The Leader: Thomas Dale Boyes.

NAME: Levi Davidson

AGE: 25

DATE: Wednesday, May 19

COURT: Mold Crown Court

CRIME: Kidnap and escaping custody

SENTENCE: Five years and four months in prison

WHAT THE JUDGE SAID: "It was a terrifying ordeal for her - she believed her life was in danger.”

A PRISONER kidnapped a woman and threatened to kill her as part of a planned attempt to escape from custody, a court heard.

The Leader: Levi Davidson.