GAMING memorabilia gathering dust in your loft or under the stairs could be worth a fortune.

Researchers at compiled a list of the most valuable items from video game history that could result in a significant profit when resold.

From retro consoles to figurines, there are hundreds of collectible items that can be worth some cash, many of which can be found at car boot sales or even cluttered loft spaces.

Iconic brands and characters often hold a higher resale value, however some one-off pieces can randomly spike in demand due to trending behaviours.

Some games themselves are starting to become exceedingly rare and this means collectors will have to pay a pretty penny if they want to get their hands on exclusive copies

A spokesperson for said: “Rare gaming memorabilia is likely to be hiding in homes up and down the country without people knowing.

“It takes a keen eye to separate the trash from the treasure, but usually special edition or discontinued items are key qualities to look out for.

“In recent years, reselling rare gaming items has become very lucrative and is a great way to make some extra cash.”

Retro game cartridges

Finding old game cartridges at car boots, on resale websites and even at home is a great way to make some money. The trick is often simple - the older the game, often the rarer it is and more expensive it has become. When searching for old game cartridges try and look for rental exclusives.

Rental exclusives were trialled by many publishers in the nineties in order to make more profit. This meant you could rent a game for the weekend and only pay a fraction of the price.

Rental cartridges are difficult to find in a respectable condition, but if you were to find The Flintstones: The Surprise At Dinosaur Park for example, you could be looking at resale value of around £4,500.


In a similar fashion to pop culture figurines, gaming figurines can also produce a significant profit. Many figurines related to the video gaming sphere often come as part of a special release of a particular game. Some buyers of the critically acclaimed Playstation smash, The Last of Us, received a collectors edition appropriately named the ‘Post-pandemic’ Edition.

As well as featuring a steel book case, a comic book and several other exclusive pieces of content, this game also came with a figurine of Joel and Ellie - the main protagonists.

With unopened copies of this particular edition fetching around £1,000 on average online, the figurine alone is worth hundreds of pounds.

One-off consoles

It has not been uncommon for massive video game companies like Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft to produce consoles marking special occasions in very limited quantities.

The PS1 10 Million Edition for example, released as a celebration to acknowledge the sale of ten million PS1 consoles.

The only defining difference between this and the standard PS1 edition is that it came in a navy blue colour-way rather than the iconic grey. They currently sell on eBay for more than £5,000.

Gaming magazines

Although gaming magazines generally hold less value - mainly due to their mass production - there are still some issues to keep on the lookout for that may be worth a fortune.

Many people also tend to donate or throw away old gaming magazines as they don’t believe they’re worth anything. Picking up entire runs of small series is the best way to make a profit. A full collection of gaming magazines is usually worth £20-£100. If you can commit the time to looking for them, it can certainly pay off.


Most consoles old and new come with standard controllers that aren’t worth an awful lot. However, some of the more obscure games come with special controllers that are only compatible with that game and that is where the money is.

Popular titles such as Guitar Hero won’t offer you much in terms of profit nowadays, even if you do have all of the instruments. NubyTech once made a life size chainsaw controller for Resident Evil 4 to try and create an immersive experience.

This particular controller sells online for around £200 currently, so if you happen to have a chainsaw controller about the house, it could be worth a fair amount