CEREAL firm Kellogg's is hopeful it can achieve a reduction in jobs at its Wrexham plant on a voluntary basis.

Yesterday, the Usdaw union confirmed it was in talks with Kellogg's to minimise job losses and get the best deal for any workers at the plant on Wrexham Industrial Estate affected.

The union said 31 jobs are at risk.

A spokesman for Kellogg's said: “We’ve started consultation with employees about potential changes to the structure of our operations team. If they go ahead, the changes could result in a small reduction in the number of roles but we are confident we can achieve this on a voluntary basis and will do everything we can to help those employees with the transition.

“We know news of this kind is never easy to hear but it is important we take steps to ensure Kellogg’s Wrexham is the best shape it can be for the future.”

Jim O'Neill, Usdaw Area Organiser, said: "Kellogg's has informed Usdaw of their proposed restructure, which could result in a reduction of 31 roles. We have now entered into a meaningful consultation process of at least 45 days with management, where we will interrogate the business case.

"Our priorities are to minimise job losses, seek for any redundancies to be done on a voluntary basis and get the best deal available for those affected. In the meantime we are providing our members with the support, advice and representation that they need."