A POPULAR former city centre vendor has moved into the world of art after leaving his well-known hot food business to his son.

Geoff Mesney spent decades selling hot dogs, burgers and bacon baps from his trailer in Chester Town Hall square before hanging up his flipper in 2019.

He handed over the business to his son Nik before recently taking his love of art to a whole new level.

Geoff, from Rossett, has opened up an art gallery at Bryn Y Grog near Wrexham.

He said “It's our collection. I love it and do it to keep my grey matter turning! I like to give people a bargain and put a smile on their face by giving them a great deal.

"I also offer a part exchange service so customers can change the decor at minimal cost or, if buying higher priced items, these are at great money saving prices compared to other galleries.

"Collecting is great fun – you never know what you are going to find.

"I have had some lucky bargain finds by artists such as James Brereton, James Longueville and Roy Hodrien."

Geoff’s gallery is open for business at Bryn Y Grog from 10am until 5pm, seven days a week.

For more information visit artinvestorsandcollectors.co.uk