NORTH Wales Police officers responded to a ‘few incidents’ over the weekend after indoor hospitality was allowed to re-open.

Following the initial outdoor opening of hospitality success, we have now had our first taste of what post lockdown indoor hospitality will look like which is ultimately the new normal for the foreseeable.

After months of uncertainty, indoor hospitality was officially allowed to re-open in Wales on May 17.

This weekend, Wrexham Town policing team dealt with a small number of incidents but on the whole licensees and the pubic ‘responded well’ to the restrictions.

Inspector Luke Hughes said he is ‘really grateful for the positive attitude from most’.

He added: “Of course there were a few incidents and a small number of arrests, however given that this was the first time we had experienced a nightlife in the town centre for a considerable time it was a success.

“The next test will be the coming bank holiday weekend.”

Inspector Hughes is asking anyone who is planning on going ‘out out’ to consider the following:

• Plan your night and book taxies.

• If you are eating book a table.

• Be prepared to wait to gain entry to premises that offer walk in service.

• Be patient with staff, officers and other members of the public, we are only trying to help in what are clearly challenging circumstances.

He said: “Please expect to see police officers visiting the locations during the night, this won’t always be as we are dealing with an incident, more often it is simply a visit to reassure customers and staff.

“In fact pub visits are something that we used to do quite a lot 15/20 years ago, but it seems to have fallen out of fashion. I think it’s something we should be doing more often in an effort to raise our visibility and ensure public safety.”