As cliches go, the British being a nation of fish and chip lovers is absolutely one I'll stand by.

It's almost impossible to walk past a chippy, at any time of day, and not think about how great a bag of chips would be.

And with National Fish and Chip Day on the horizon (June 4, a Friday of course), what better excuse to put this family favourite in the spotlight, as we look to find the region's favourite.

I worked many of my teen years in a chip shop in Scotland (yes we did give battered Mars Bars a whirl), in a town not far from the beach.

Saturdays were relentless but it was damn good for my maths, and taking a whole queue's worth of orders while you waited on chips sure helped with memory.

It also shone a light on the many regional changes and personal tastes around this humble offering. Mushy peas or garden, gravy, curry sauce or ketchup, salt and vinegar, beans? A quick poll of colleagues (which I can file under 'wish I'd never asked') and I discover the general consensus is beans are a travesty with fish and chips. I feel very judged.

And then there's the chip buttie, barm, bap, roll debate (my northerner other half insists it's barm). Are you camp curry sauce or gravy?

But surely we can all agree they're better out the paper?

Whatever you call them, however you like them, we want to know where in the region you think does the best?

Do you know a Wrexham chippy that has the best batter, is there a Flintshire fryer that serves up perfect chips?

Let us know where you believe is home to the best fish and chips in the region.

You can use the link below or email - stating the name and location of your favourite chip shop.

Let's celebrate our tea time heroes!