POLICE are aiming to used the latest technology to crackdown on the two major crime issues impacting on people's lives in Caia Park.

At the latest meeting of Caia Park Community Council, the police's Neighbourhood Policing Team told councillors that residents' two top gripes are connected.

For years, chairman of the council Malcolm King said, councillors have been passing on complaints about drugs and off-road motorcycles being ridden recklessly around the estate.

Police told councillors that the issues are connected, as young people on motorbikes are being used by dealers to move drugs around.

Community Beat Manager Kerry Evans said: "The two things, you're right, are drugs and motorbikes. The issue we have is that is that actually the two things come together. Because they move the drugs around the motorbike, and that's why they are so reluctant to get caught."

PC Kerry Evans has imposed a closure order on a property in Caia Park. (Source - @NWPWrexhamTown)

PC Kerry Evans has imposed a closure order on a property in Caia Park. (Source - @NWPWrexhamTown)

She called on residents to be the police's "eyes and ears" and report where motorbikes are being stored or ridden.

She added: "If you see off road bikes, they've got to be stored somewhere, they can't leave them on the driveway. We rely heavily on the community telling us where these bikes are stored. If we do get that information, we will go into the garages and seize the bikes. The only way to do that is to talk to the community and have them tell us, because they are our eyes and ears really."

Sgt Kelly Lewis said that the latest technology was going to be used to crackdown on bikers - drones.

Police Drone. PIC: NWP Wrexham Town.

Police Drone. PIC: NWP Wrexham Town.

She said: "This year we have our own drone unit in North Wales police. So we have been talking about tapping into the drone unit. They can follow these bikes much better than we can and see where they're going. If they throw the bike into the bushes because they know the drone has seen them we can then go and seize it.

"That's going to aid us massively this year. So watch this space."

North Wales Police have already been using drones to provide air support to officers on the ground in nearby Acton.

At the weekend, a statement from NWP Wrexham Town read: "Over the last few weeks patrols have increased of an evening in the Acton park area due to ongoing reports of anti social behaviour. You may have seen our drone unit in the air providing support to our officers on the ground."

Caia Park Community Council chairman and Wynnstay County Cllr Malcolm King.

Caia Park Community Council chairman and Wynnstay County Cllr Malcolm King.

Cllr King praised police for recent arrests of suspected drug dealers.

He said: "You've had some spectacular successes with arresting drug dealers. Well done to all of you. I think it gives a boost to the whole community, especially when they know all these things are going on under their noses. The more success you can achieve in that area the better.

He said the blight of drugs was "sucking young people into it, it eats a way at the whole society".

PC Evans said: "When I was taking to the community so many people were saying how much happier and relaxed they feel, they can go to the shops without being hassled."

Sgt Lewis said the offensive against drugs would continue.

She said: "It's definitely going to continue, without a shadow of a doubt. We've got a really good relationship, structure and plan with our operational tasking team.

It is again providing reassurance that we are continuing doing those things. My background is in major crimes, CID, so I'm really keen to push on against those crimes that are affecting the community in Caia, and drugs plays a huge part in that."