AN ARTISTIC care home resident has helped made their ‘clinical’ visitor pods look a little brighter.

Bay Tree House in Wrexham received a visiting pod on site which once Welsh Government gave the green light to resume care home visits.

When it arrived, it was said to look rather ‘clinical’ according to Gaynor Jones, Operations Manager Orchard Care Group.

She said: “Like most other care services, Bay Tree House care home has gone through a challenging twelve months in relation to our battle with COVID-19. It has been really difficult for residents, families, friends and staff but we have come through two peaks of the virus and come out the other end.

“We are at a stage now whereby we have been able to open up the home for much needed visits from family and friends which has given great comfort to everyone. As part of this exciting phase, the home has a visiting pod on site which is safe and comfortable for visits to go ahead.

“The owners, Dave and Gemma Atkins, always go the extra mile to make things comfortable and visually welcoming in their care homes they commissioned a local mural artist Marcia Crocombe to decorate the inside and paint the outside of the pod.

“This activity uncovered true talent living in Bay Tree House from Mr Raymond Haynes - known as Ray.”

Whilst Maria was jazzing up the visitor pod to make the space more appealing inside and out for residents and visitors, she didn’t expect to be getting help from one of the residents – and was blown away by his talent.

Marcia Crocombe, of QuirkyD Arts, commented: “Ray loved watching me work outside on the exterior mural and we got chatting about art and all sorts. I discovered that Ray was a keen amateur artist and after him showing me his many sketch pads of amazing drawings I decided to ask Ray if he’d like to contribute something to the mural.

“After disappearing for an hour or so he came back outside with the most beautiful sketches of bumble bees and wildlife that he thought would suit the mural. I asked him to choose several and he very skilfully added them to the scene with his own set of brushes.

“His addition to the botanical themed mural is wonderful and he was brimming with pride. Ray is a fantastic artist and true gentleman.”

Maria said she was “truly honoured” to have him work on the mural.

She continued: “I know he felt very special and honoured too. In the 20 years I’ve been a muralist, I’ve never invited anyone to add something of their own to my work but I knew Ray would create something beautiful so this felt really special for both of us.”