By Jack Sargeant

MS for Alyn and Deeside

I am incredibly proud and grateful to have been re-elected to serve the community of Alyn and Deeside as your Member for the Senedd, the community I have always lived in. I will work hard to pay back the trust you have placed in me.

The election across North East Wales saw local Welsh Labour Members returned and I would like to congratulate my colleague and friend Carolyn Thomas being elected as a Welsh Labour MS for North Wales region. I know that together we will have a stronger strong voice to promote the interests of Alyn and Deeside.

During the election I spoke to you about the need to hit the ground running and invest in our communities. I want to see quick progress made on building new train stations at Shotton, Deeside Parkway. This has to be coupled with reform of the bus industry in Wales that moves us away to from profit being the motive and towards getting people where they need to be and bus routes that serve community need.

The major high street banks have let Buckley down and I committed myself to doing something about it. I look forward to the announcement of Wales first Community Bank location and am increasingly confident that the location will be in Buckley. This will show that a community that stays together will thrive together.

I will also continue to use my time to make politics better. The aggressive nature of political discourse particularly on social media is dangerous, as is the culture of briefing or gossiping in order to undermine colleagues with journalists. I want politics to be kinder, to protect people from harassment and bullying but also by working together for the good of everyone leads to better decision making. I have spoken before about my determination to spread this culture of kindness to our public services, ensuring that service users as treated as individuals and given the support they need.

This has been an unprecedented time period for our NHS. the staff are tired and their work deserves proper recognition. I will be doing all I can to ensure that all staff working in the NHS are rewarded with the pay rise the dedication and ongoing commitment fully deserves rise. As we begin to come out of the pandemic and look to the future it is vital that NHS services get the extra investment needed to ensure that that the delays in services/operations due to the pandemic are brought up to date.

If you are an Alyn and Deeside resident and need my help, please do not hesitate to get in touch. At the moment we are still not able to carry out face to face surgeries but if you email my office we can set up a virtual appointment or arrange to speak on the phone.

My email is