There are many things that can get people feeling nostalgic, and while murder is unlikely to be at the top of most lists, it's exactly what one author has achieved.

David McCaddon's latest novel, A Question of Time, is set in Buckley, Chester and the surrounding areas in 1967.

The 71-year-old, born in Mold and brought up in Buckley, and now living in Congleton, Cheshire, has used his memories of the 1960s to base his fourth book around, a crime thriller with a twist ending.

David said: "This book is less modern than my others. I wanted to illustrate through this that there were things happening in the 60s that people would have forgotten about or thought they could get away with, because of technology and police procedure changes, they were never going to get away with it."

The murder mystery starts when the body of a girl is found in a farmer's field, in a fire following the foot and mouth outbreak.

Not long afterwards, another body is found by the River Dee, in Chester, and the possibility they're linked.

Fast forward to the early 2000s, and another murder is discovered further into Cheshire, near Congleton, and a possible connection is discovered...

David started out with British Steel, in Shotton, and went into the computer department in the early 1970s, and became a computer programmer.

This lead to 47 years in IT, with 35 of those working with police worldwide as a specialist in major incidents.

David said: "When it came to retirement, I had so many stories in my head, that I wanted to write a crime novel. That became crime thriller Following Digital Footprints.

"But I couldn't stop writing, and what started as a book turned into a trilogy."

Agatha Christie fan David, who gives talks on the famous author, chose 1967 as it was when not only were things happening in his own life as a teenager but there were big changes everywhere.

18-year-old David McCaddon.

18-year-old David McCaddon.

Writing was a "hobby that turned into another career" for David, who called on his various forensic and detective contacts for some of the more detailed specifics, with one former detective chief inspector friend that proof read the book, exclaiming his shock at not seeing the novel's twist coming.

The nostalgia of the story covers life in North Wales and Chester in the 60s, people reading it will know places, feel a connection, as highlighted by some of the reviews for A Question of Time.

Jean Holmes said on The Buckley Memory Bank Facebook group: "As a former Buckley girl who has been in South Australia since 1964, I have just read A Question of Time. It took me to places I remember from my childhood.

"I found it really easy to read and the places were very vividly described. I was there - taken to those places, whilst reading the book.

"Never predicted the end though and I should not have read the last page whilst only half way through! Congratulations David on a great read!"

Sylvia Thelwell was also enjoyed the book and the trip down memory lane.

She said: "Just reading Dave McCaddon's book, A Question of Time, and I am transported to a few years back when we used to get the bus into Chester on a Saturday night to go to Quaintways, and of the old library."

• A Question of Time by David McCaddon is available on Kindle and paperback from Amazon, Waterstones and all good book stores.