POLICE in North Flintshire are targeting hotspots following a "surge" in reports of youth anti-social behaviour.

North Wales Police advised residents via social media that there had been "increased reports" of the issues in Hawarden and Ewloe.

Sgt Matt Subacchi told the Leader: "We are running Operation Eucalyptus, looking at anti-social behaviour which turns into low level crime. "We have been targeting hotspot areas because we want to stop that. "There has been an increase in the number of offenders who are below 18.

"It's very early stages, but we are going to start contacting strategic agencies to see what we can do to tackle these youths congregating.

"We want to engage with them but if they're choosing to commit low level crime we will take action, because we don't want people in those areas to suffer."

Sgt Subacchi said while the team encouraged people to enjoy socialising in line with the covid-19 rule relaxations, they must abide by the law.