A STRAY CAT was left in a ‘terrible state’ and in pain after being covered in gloss paint in Deeside.

A local resident raised concerns on social media over a cat that had been covered in paint and needed assistance.

After seeing the post, Allison Webb – who volunteers for Fur Babies Cat Rescue – knew she needed to help.

Allison drove from her home near Mold to Connah’s Quay and spent nearly 10 days, with the help of local residents, trying to rescue the young male, who was in a ‘terrible state’.

She told the Leader: “The post was published on one of the Lost and Found sites and after liaising with people I went down there.

“It was obvious he didn’t belong to anyone but I did a lot of door knocking. I took a humane cat trap but I couldn’t leave it in case we caught the wrong cat and you can’t leave them there overnight.

“I started knocking on doors to see of people could help, it was a difficult situation. We did eventually learn his route and built a picture of where he may be and found a good place to set up the trap, we nearly caught him four times but he was too clever.

“He was wise and we couldn’t get him which was really frustrating because time was of the essence, we didn’t know if he was really poorly.”

After swapping traps to a manual trap and early mornings and late nights for around ten days, the cat was finally rescued.

Allison added: “I’m positive that someone had intentionally thrown paint over him, it was gloss paint which is oil based and cats are very good at absorbing things through their skin.

“It meant he could be very poorly and by time I did find him, it was evident it has all dried which in effect becomes hard and spikey when lay the wrong way it would be really uncomfortable.

“A local resident called Demily Lane saw him in her garden and called me. We set the trap in her garden but I had to hide behind the gate and hold my phone so I could see him.

“I’m there hiding with a 20ft rope trying to catch him and we eventually caught him. He was a mess.

“Cats don’t roll around in paint, it was over his back, his whiskers were stuck together, it was in his ear, his feet were stuck together and he had self harmed quite badly trying to pull it off.

“He had great big sore patches for days was I getting more and more worried.”

After attending a local vets and staying at Allison’s house for a few the cat – who has been named Oreo – is now settled at the rescue in Prestatyn and will eventually be rehomed.

Allison said: “He is now looking a bit bare but is healing well and is currently in foster with Fur Babies.

“Demily and her son helped locate him and fed him and then named him Oreo so we decided to keep the name.

“He looks to me like he has lived outside for most of his life and he is only about three. He is quite scared obviously but when he is fit and has hair he will be available for adoption.

“What’s really upsetting and concerned me was how many cats there are in the area and no one else tried to get him.

“It was like it’s not my cat so not my concern but it’s not the cats fault. We can’t prove he had paint thrown on him but a cat won’t roll in paint on one side, I’m convinced someone threw paint over him.

“It does worry me because who else will be next. He wasn’t neutered so he may have been spraying.

“Whether you like cats or not, he didn’t ask to be left on the streets but he is safe not thanks to some determined people.”

Feline Fur Babies North Wales was set up in May 2020 and aims to help give abandoned cats a forever home.

More information can be found by emailing felinefurbabiesnorthwales@gmail.com.