SHOPPERS queued to pick up one last bargain at Wrexham's Debenhams store at the weekend - but now the doors have closed for good.

Debenhams at Eagles Meadow reopened on April 12 attracting large queues outside the store.

As the closing down sale entered its final few days, the queues dwindled until the store closed on Sunday, May 2.

As the 242-year-old brand fades from UK high streets, it has left one of the Wrexham's biggest retail spaces vacant.

We asked Leader readers what they would like to see at the site.

This is what you had to say:

Catherine Ann Ollier-Jones said: "Use this end of town for restaurants and coffee shops, move the shops back to where they were in the first place cause now Debenhams has gone there isn't much there. Have a outside cinema area as well as indoor, use the circle bit as a theatre area arts and performances musical gigs Friday nights. I think it would be good with a cover that comes over if it rains so its turned into more indoor. I think it would be a fab idea then use it as a food festival area sometimes or different theme foods market.

Carl Gibson said: "Another Lidl or Aldi. Let's be honest Wrexham never has or never will support high end shops, you only have to look at the ones who have tried. Give us a good shop that we can get a bargain in or don't bother. If we want to spend a fortune we are happy to travel to Chester, Liverpool or Manchester. The empty High Street proves it we are a bargain seeking town."

Gareth Edwards said: "It was always a white elephant from the start. If it had been undercover with a central cafe area it might have stood a chance but this sort of shopping development was already in decline when they built it. People want towns with quirky, independent retailers with a bit of character. Sadly, successive councils have destroyed Wrexham’s heritage and identity."

Seren Edwards said: "An ice cream parlour that’s serve milkshakes, ice creams, crepes, waffles...with activities to do upstairs like candle making painting jars for children’s and play area."

Jamie Davies said: "Massive Primark, and open in the evening with all other shops! It has to be, it would bring people back to Eagles Meadow, and attract more stores also open into the evening! The Odeon end needs to be more bars and restaurants - and all open late to visit after shopping in the stores!"

Cheryl Froom said: "We need another department store who can re-employ the staff who have sadly lost their jobs. Not all of us want to shop online as it is a social event, especially for the older population who have money to spend. We have lost lots of our favourite shops over the last few years please do not give us another discount store."

Claire Owens said: "Something for the children of Wrexham. Including a vast range of activities to get them out of the house and keep their minds active. Arts, crafts, cookery classes, garden area, so they can learn about gardening. Animal area, which could teach them about different animals (maybe having a small animal enclosure). Table tennis, air hockey, pool, etc. Possibly a mini golf area. Computers available to teach people how to use them and possibly for those that don't have access to a computer at home, would be good for them to use, to do homework etc. Quiet area, with books to read and headphones to listen to music. Maybe an area to teach dancing or keep fit. Or even somewhere people could go for some time out (safe place) with counselling for those that have issues/concerns. Would be good to create more jobs for Wrexham and activities/entertainment for our children, as well as being good for mental health."

Andrew Mountain said: "A concert hall to entertain with live music."

Gillian Jones said: "Turn it into an ice skating rink."

Nicci Burns said: "It’s going to be accommodation."

Some people hoped the loss of Eagles Meadow's largest store would lead to a refocussing of attention on the town centre.

Martin Ward said: "Sad loss of Debenhams overall and for Wrexham. Can't really see who how such a large store in Eagles Meadow would be utilised as doubt very few retailers left post pandemic who would want it."

Andrea MacDonald said: "I just hope all the remaining Eagles Meadow stores come back to the town centre and then the town could be saved."

Kev Davies said: "Its a bloody shame, the whole place should never have been built, money should have been pumped into the town centre, shame all those staff are losing their jobs."

Other readers shared their sympathy for those losing their jobs.

Stuart Humphreys said: "Maybe just give a thought for the staff that face unemployment and uncertainty of how to pay the bills."

Tracey Lynne said: "I for one will miss Debenhams. It’s such a loss to the town and my thoughts are with the staff who are sadly losing their jobs, they were always lovely when I shopped in there."