OUR kids deserve to be safe when they go to school, concerned parents have said.

A petition has been launched for action to be taken over safety issues outside of Ysgol Bryn Deva in Connah’s Quay.

Parents say this has been an ‘issue for many years’ as safety of children is not being put first.

The petition is calling for safety measures such as double yellow lines and a zebra crossing to allow children to cross safely.

Alice Blackwell told the Leader: “We are all getting annoyed. Cars are parking on the path and it’s just too dangerous.

“People are not getting the message, it’s so dangerous to these kids. Children are nearly hit by cars pulling on the kerbs.

“It’s not just parents who want something to be done. Some of the children wrote a letter wanting a crossing but nothing has been done.

“We seem to be the only local school with no road safety measures outside. We understand it may not be a massively main road but there are issues there.

“Our children want to walk to school by themselves, but they can’t because it’s not safe.”

Parents Alice Blackwell, Steff Ford-Foyne, Diana Porter and Kelly Jones say they are concerned that a serious accident will happen before action is taken.

Alice added: “What’s more important that children’s safety? It’s taken parents to kick up a fuss to get people to even look at this.

“Not long ago a child’s foot was run over by a car. It wasn’t serious but we want all this to be sorted before we get to that point.

“Over the years there have been so many near misses, the kids have been lucky, but they won’t be lucky forever.

“People are just parking anywhere, over driveways and forcing people to walk on the road. Some mums have double prams and they can’t even get on the path.

“Because of covid, all entrances are open so it’s causing an issue on all the surrounding roads. Something needs to be done, it’s not fair.

“We are making complaints and going round in circles but nothing is ever done. We understand Covid has made things harder but this is about children’s safety.

“We are going to the school like nervous wrecks, looking out for each others children. Cars are speeding as well and beeping to make others move out the way, it’s not fair on the kids having to see this.”

Concerns have also been raised over the lack of space for emergency service vehicles to access during school drop off times.

Alice said: “Someone on St David’s Drive actually sold their house because it was so bad.

“We want people to be aware, to listen and to take action. Safety is our top priority, our kids deserve to be as safe as other children going to school.”

Anyone wishing to sign the petition can do so online at https://www.change.org/p/bryan-deva-primary-school-please-drive-park-responsibily-by-our-school

Claire Homard, Chief Officer Education and Youth said: “We are aware of local concerns about indiscriminate parking around the school, particularly in the morning when traffic is at its busiest.

“A traffic management system covering the area in the vicinity of the school has been designed in conjunction with the school and we are awaiting a date for this scheme to be implemented.

“I would also urge parents to be responsible and considerate of local residents and safety around the school when dropping-off and picking up their children.”