A MOLD man who cut his victim to the bone in a machete attack had been “smoking huge amounts of cannabis,” a court heard.

Jan Stephan Wynne, of Ivy Crescent, appeared at Mold Crown Court on Monday afternoon.

The 35-year-old had previously admitted wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm.

Paulinus Barnes, prosecuting, said Wynne had been living at a shared address in Buckley when the incident happened, in February this year.

Victim Lee Evans went into the communal kitchen and was confronted by Wynne, who told him he wanted to have a “straightener” outside with him.

When Wynne told Mr Evans he was going to “kick the s*** out of him, he tried to go back to his room.

But Wynne followed him, telling him he was going to “slice” him.

The court heard Mr Evans punched Wynne in self-defence, but the 35-year-old said he was going to get a machete.

He returned, holding the blade - which was described as rusty and around two foot in length.

Wynne raised it over his head and brought it down onto his victim’s arm, which had been raised to protect his face.

He brought it down once more, before Mr Evans went into shock.

Mr Barnes told the court at this point, Wynne helped Mr Evans to wrap his injured arms in towels and told him they would need to find some broken glass in order to tell the emergency services that he’d injured himself on it.

An ambulance was called and despite initially using the glass explanation, Mr Evans later told them of the machete attack.

One of the wounds, on his forearm, went to the bone.

He had sustained a fracture and tendon damage but fortunately the nerves were preserved.

Mr Evans was also left with a deep laceration to his nose, as well as cuts between his fingers and on his thigh.

In a victim impact statement, read to the court, he said the attack caused him excruciating pain and that he’d thought he was going to die.

He was left with PTSD and had lost the opportunity of employment because of it.

Robert James Edwards, defending, said his client denied having gone downstairs to fetch the machete, as well as denying telling the victim to give a different account for the injuries.

He said: “Mr Wynne has little memory of what took place - it is clear form the psychiatric report that he has little insight.

“That’s not a deliberate lack of insight, it is a result of the disorder he suffers with, in my submission.”

He said Wynne had found himself in tragic circumstances which had impacted his mental health over a number of years, namely a series of bereavements “one after the other.”

But Judge Rhys Rowlands said: “He sought to self-medicate by smoking huge amounts of cannabis, and we know cannabis doesn’t assist with mental health at all. Quite the opposite.”

Mr Edwards added: “Mr Wynne accepts the level of injury caused and he accepts the impact it had and continues to have on the victim.”

The Judge told Wynne: “For no apparent reason you confronted Mr Evans and threatened you were going to assault him and ‘slice him open’.

“You armed yourself with a fearsome weapon and plainly swing it more than once. These are very nasty injuries.

“It is clear you truly don’t remember what happened.

“You were smoking an awful lot of cannabis at the time.

“You have a number of problems stemming from losses and cannabis has exacerbated things rather than making them better.”

Wynne was jailed for eight years and two months and was made the subject of a ten-year restraining order prohibiting him form contacting the victim.