TWO little boys from Flintshire have made a huge difference for children in Africa after raffling off their own Easter eggs.

Archie and Fraser Wright have raised over £220 after deciding to do something for those less fortunate than them this Easter.

The Ysgol Trelogan pupils, both aged eight, held a raffle with their Easter treats around the village to raise money for St Ronnie’s Academy - a school founded by former Prestatyn postman Ron Cavie in the village of Shanzu, Kenya.

The funds raised from this gesture will be enough to help the school feed the children that attend there for around 12 weeks, meaning their stretched resources due to COVID-19 can go future than planned.

Fraser’s proud mum Vicky Wright told the Leader how her son got the idea to help.

She said: “It all came about one night when Fraser was complaining about how rubbish his life was, I think it might have been over a computer game or something like that. I explained how we were actually very lucky.

“It led to a conversation about the children in Africa who struggle daily and it really struck him and it was quite upsetting. I didn’t want to leave it on a bad note with him and wanted him to know that people do all sorts to help them which is when we showed him the stuff going on for St Ronnie’s.”

Vicky explained that she knew of Ron’s work because of her dad - who previously worked with him.

She added: “When COVID hit, Ronnie’s fundraising took a nosedive. He usually does quiz nights and things like that to help the school but has struggled to do them online.

“We were talking about it all with Fraser and he said he wanted to help. It was a couple of days before Easter and he asked me if we could raffle off any Easter eggs and treats that we’d bought him to raise a few pounds.”

After posting the idea to social media, the raffle soon picked up pace and lots of treats were being donated to Fraser’s cause.

His cousin Archie, also a pupil at Ysgol Trelogan, gave up his Easter treats to the cause and wanted to help out more too.

Vicky added: “None of this would be possible without our lovely community in Trelogan. We are a small community that looks after and supports one another – and this really shows that.

“He was only hoping to raise a few pounds, they were both blown away to find out they’d raised over £200. They were absolutely buzzing and can't wait to do something else for charity again.

"The head teacher at St Ronnie’s has contacted us and said its such an amazing amount and they will be able to use the money to help feed the pupils that go there for around 12 weeks.”

Ysgol Trelogan head Mrs Dawn Bayliss said she was “so proud of their achievements” and adds that their money will now go to help the school which has over 150 pupils.