HOLLYWOOD pals and co-owners of Wrexham AFC Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have never met in person.

That is one of the revelations in this month's issue of Men's Health magazine.

It has led to fans speculating on social media that the first time the pair meet could be when they come to The Racecourse in Wrexham.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia creator McElhenney is the cover star of the May issue of the health and fitness magazine.

McElhenney is renowned for his ability to "cultivate mass" for his role in It's Always Sunny - gaining weight for season seven and "jacked" with muscle for season 13.




So it makes sense that Men's Health would want to interview him. But, as the title of the article says, "This Is Not a Story About Rob McElhenney's Shredded Body".

In the article, which is also features on the magazine's website, Rob is interviewed by Deadpool star Ryan.

They talk about the idea of masculinity in 2021, their friendship, and their decision to takeover Wrexham's football club earlier this year.

One surprise in the article is that the friends have never met in person.

In the magazine, Ryan said: "We’ve never met, which is the weirdest thing, because we Zoom and text every day. We’re kinda like work spouses—everything we’ve done has happened during the pandemic."

He adds that he contacted Rob as a fan of his performance in It's Always Sunny and then wooed him as a friend with booze.

The Canadian star sent Rob a case of Aviation Gin. A gesture he has repeated for some of the pubs in Wrexham following the takeover.

In the interview Rob also confesses that his wife, and It's Always Sunny co-star Kaitin Olsen, asked if his ego could stand sharing a space with Ryan Reynolds when the idea of going into partnership to buy a football club was first mooted.

In Men's Heath, Rob said: "But that’s the kind of partnership we have: recognizing what my strengths are and my stretches are, and vice versa."

They also both admit that "we don’t know anything about running a football club".

So it promises to be an interesting time for Wrexham fans now that Ryan and Rob have taken the reigns at their club.

If the coronavirus situation continues to improve, fans could return to The Racecourse at the start of next season.

More than 7,000 Reds fans have signed up to a free membership scheme that gives them a chance of sitting with Ryan and Rob at the first game they attend

Read the full interview on the Men's Health website at https://www.menshealth.com/ or inside this month's issue of the magazine.