A YOUNG man who headbutted another male in Wrexham’s Primark store and brandished a knife at a party, has avoided jail.

Joshua Teece, 18, of Queen Street in Peterborough appeared at Mold Crown Court on April 8 for possessing a sharp article, possessing a controlled drug, assault by beating and affray.

Prosecution Counsel Hannah Horton said on September 6 last year, Teece ‘headbutted’ another male in Wrexham’s Primark in an ‘unprovoked attack’.

Kian Coulson was out with friends when he spotted Teece looking at him. Teece approached the group and headbutted the victim who tried to walk away when Teece followed and kicked him.

In a victim personal statement, Mr Coulson said he felt 'extremely nervous' being out in Wrexham again and was concerned in case himself or friends came to any harm.

He was left 'shaken up' after the 'unprovoked attack'.

The 18-year-old made ‘full and frank’ admissions to police officers about the incident, the court heard.

Ms Horton added that on November 20 last year, Teece attended a house party when he shouted and ‘lunged’ at Rowan Hughes with a knife after speaking to his girlfriend.

Teece proceeded to punch Mr Hughes to the face before pulling the 12-inch knife saying ‘I will slice you’.

Eventually, Mr Hughes left with friends but Teece followed and chased them towards the Aldi store on Ruthin Road.

Ms Horton said Teece was accompanied by a female who kicked Mr Hughes, whilst on the floor, and shouted at her to ‘do it again’.

The court heard how Teece was located by police in Morrisons in Wrexham before attempting to run away.

Once caught, the knife was seized and he informed offices he had cannabis in his bag.

Defence Counsel Oliver King said Teece now lives with his father and his father’s partner in Peterborough and these offences were during a time when Teece had ‘come off the rails’.

Mr King said Teece was born in Birmingham where he lived with his mum and stepdad then went to live with his father, who's job took him all over the country. He eventually settled in Wrexham and Teece was a ‘respectful and well behaved young man’.

During this period Teece lost his sister to a very rare chromosome disorder and ‘bottled it up’.

At the age of 17, his dad needed to relocate but Teece ‘did not want to go’, and so stayed in Wrexham but did not have a ‘stable accommodation’.

Whilst living in a hostel, Teece met a group who introduced him to cannabis which he found was a way of ‘managing his depression and took more of it’.

Mr King said a side effect of cannabis is paranoia and this was a time when Teece was ‘at his lowest of feeling alone’.

He added: “He was convinced these young men were making fun of him and overreacted and what resulted was this ugly incident.”

Mr King told the court that in November, Teece’s girlfriend had called him and was ‘uncomfortable’ at the party and Teece had ‘completely overreacted’.

However, Mr King said being in court was the ‘wake up call he needed’.

Since the incident, Teece has moved back to Peterborough with his father and it is ‘clear they will not tolerate any nonsense’.

His Honour Judge David Hale said: “You went completely off the rails and committed offences which merit imprisonment.

“What saved you from going to a young offenders institute is the fact your father stepped in and moved you well away from Wrexham and whatever led you to behave in this outrageous way.

“Fortunately no-one was physically hurt but by waving a big knife in front of someone’s face, threatening to use it, is very serious and if you do that again there is no excuse, you go downstairs.”

Judge Hale said Teece had been ‘influenced by drugs’ but is now ‘under his father’s control’ and is ‘willing to take that chance’.

Teece was given an 18-month suspended sentence with community elements being that he must complete a 50-day rehabilitation requirement, a residence requirement and must not enter Wrexham for 12-months.