A CORWEN man has been spared jail after he admitted a class A drugs offence in Wrexham.

Aaron Duffy, of Cae Ffynnon, appeared at Mold Crown Court on Thursday for sentencing.

The 26-year-old had previously admitted that in Wrexham on November 22, 2019, he had in his possession 14.29 grams of cocaine, a controlled drug of class A with intent to supply it to another.

Simon Mintz, prosecuting, told the court that on the day in question police officers saw Duffy parked in a vehicle.

They became suspicious after noticing a smell of cannabis from the car and upon searching it, they found a large quantity of snap bags.

Four of them contained cocaine and £1,050 was found in cash under the driver's seat.

After his arrest, police found more cocaine at Duffy's home, as well as a cutting agent and drugs paraphernalia.

His phone was also checked. Officers found messages indicative of the sale of drugs.

Mr Mintz told the court the nature of the communication suggested Duffy had some "managerial discretion" to offer credit to customers.

He also said there had been a "considerable delay" of almost a year between the discovery and him being charged with the offence.

Duncan Bould, defending, said the phone messages showed a "desire to sell," rather than a "degree of control."

He said Duffy's activities had been motivated by debt and his own use of drugs.

Mr Bould said: "Because of the delay, he has gone from someone who was effectively homeless, estranged from his family and dependant on class A drugs to having turned each of those features around in the last 16 months."

Judge David Hale said: "I am going to suspend the sentence, because you have turned your life around. "You have been put in a position where the system has delayed your hearing for nearly two years.

"You have made a lot of that period by becoming an apprentice, knuckling down and getting on with your life.

"What on earth would be the point in you having made this progress, me then locking you up for effectively a year and you coming out with nothing? "It doesn't seem to be in anyone's interest whatsoever."

Judge Hale handed Duffy a two year custodial sentence, but suspended it for two years.

He was ordered to pay a fine of £2,000 and a victim surcharge of £149.

The court also ordered him to undertake 30 days of rehabilitation activity.

Substances and equipment seized by the police will be destroyed, and the cash will be used for drug related enquiries by North Wales Police, the Judge said.