THE CEO of an award-winning Wrexham company has been named the best in the UK.

Joanna Swash, Group CEO of Moneypenny, has won the Management Today CEO of the Year Awards.

The awards honour the most ambitious and visionary leaders in the UK who are helping to build and sustain world-class business.

Joanna was chosen for her business performance, leadership and growth, development of company culture, and her ability to drive transformation in the business communications industry.

Under Joanna and the management team's watchful eye, over the past four years Moneypenny has grown to become the leading outsourced communications provider in both the UK and USA.

She passionately believes that this business success has been down to not only the ability to constantly adapt and innovate, but also due to the amazing team work, and the happiness and wellbeing of all the employees at Moneypenny and that this unique culture has allowed the company to survive and thrive during the pandemic.

Thanks to Joanna’s leadership, and belief in her management team, the company was able to plan swiftly and adapt to ensure that in just three weeks its 1,000 strong work-force was able to work remotely, with a near seamless effect on business continuity.

She was able to retain an open and honest dialogue with all of the company’s employees, by using technology and leading from the front, while showing her human side to ensure the wellbeing of her people.

Joanna said: “ I am delighted to have won this award.

"At Moneypenny we do things a little bit differently and in order to achieve business goals we believe it is about trust and belief in our people, combined with innovative advancements in technology, which are critical to our business success.

"I have always believed that the best leaders are those who empower their teams and provide a safe environment for their people to flourish and grow.”