THOUSANDS of people have backed a petition against plans for a new bird laying facility near Llangollen.

Two weeks ago, Siobhan Noonan started a petition to reject a proposal for a 24,000 capacity chicken farm near the town.

It has already received over 64,000 signatures as people call on Wrexham Council to take action.

The Leader previously reported that a free-range egg farm in Wrexham is seeking permission for a new 24,000-bird laying facility to boost its production capacity.

The owners of Cae Mor Farm in Pontfadog were previously granted permission for a unit housing 16,000 hens on appeal in 2017.

They now want to grow their business by introducing four new buildings, which will house 6,000 chickens each.

However, Siobhan told the Leader this would not benefit the area.

She added: “The petition has received a large number of signatures, I wasn’t expecting it. I would have been happy with 100 but so many people are supporting it.

“I live and work near Llangollen and it is a beautiful place. I’m a vegetarian and don’t eat mean but animals treated in farms like this is awful. We don’t need anymore farms.

“I have rescued chickens over the last three years from farms that would have otherwise been killed so it is something close to my heart.

“When I found out they were wanting to put another farm in the area I wasn’t very happy.

“Lots of people are against it. I just wanted to raise awareness and hopefully not get the farm. I want the local authority and MP’s to take notice and stop these plans. It’s not been authorised yet so if we can raise awareness and get something done.

“These plans would be a huge step backwards. I feel strongly about this. We live in a place where pollution isn’t as bad as in a city so we don’t want a negative impact on wildlife or anything.

“I’m just so grateful for all the support, it’s been amazing and I can’t believe it. I’m so thankful people are behind it and I’m overwhelmed with the level of support.

“Hopefully it makes a difference.”

Anyone wishing to sign the petition can do so online at

A Wrexham Council spokesman said: "The application is currently going through the planning process and all representations received, including the signed petition will be taken into account before a decision is made."