AN OPERATION by police to support victims of domestic violence in Flintshire appears to be having an impact.

Officers in Flintshire North have been visiting addresses where there is a history of calls for them to attend incidents in the home.

Domestic incidents can be between partners or family members.

Compared to last year, there has been a decrease of more than 30 per cent in reports of domestic incidents in the Flintshire North area of Deeside, Flint and Holywell.

Sergeant Matt Subacchi said he was confident that the work done by officers had contributed to the decline.

He said: "We've seen a reduction in domestic incidents and we will continue to take positive action on them. We have offered support and have made regular visits those addresses and relationships that have seen the most demand.

"We have seen that it has had a good effect, and are in the process of indentifying further relationships to do the same. We will safeguard the victim and show support.

"We take domestic violence seriously and treat it as a high priority crime - victims of domestic violence should not feel unsafe in their own homes."

He added: "We will always look to take positive action against domestic violence. We will use whatever policing or court tactics, or supporting agencies, that we can to make peoples' lives better and prevent this type of crime."