A WOMAN has opened up about the profound impact the theft of her dogs has had on her.

Katherine Jones' two cocker spaniels, Susie and Spring, were stolen from her family's farm in Higher Kinnerton in the last weekend of February.

The perpetrators gained access to the back garden of the property through a hedge and took the two dogs out of their kennel.

Susie and Spring.

Susie and Spring.

Over a month on, and there is still no sign of either dog. On Tuesday, there had been a reported sighting of Spring in Flint Mountain - which unfortunately proved not to be him.

Katherine, 37, said: "It's had a massive effect on me, both emotionally and physically.

"For three weeks after Susie and Spring were stolen, I was really very poorly. I lost half a stone in weight due to the stress and anxiety caused by the theft.

"I had a new born baby to feed and couldn't do so properly courtesy of losing all that weight and the general state I was in.

"But I knew I had to be strong for my baby."

The veterinary nurse expressed how much she misses her dogs.

She said: "Not knowing where they are or who they're with is the worst thing. When dogs are put down by a vet or die in natural circumstances, it's a lot easier to take.

"But Susie and Spring have been taken from a family who loves them and are now with people who will just see them as a commodity.

"I dread to think about how they're being treated. It's left a massive hole in our lives and we just want them back home."

Katherine is urging other dog owners to be extra vigilant of thieves.

She said: "People need to make sure they're taking all necessary precautions to avoid it happening to their dogs.

"Make sure your kennel is as secure as possible, and don't leave dogs tied up outside shops and places like that. Dog owners need to look out for one another and report any suspicious activity."