PEOPLE in their 40s are being invited for their Covid vaccination.

In their latest update, Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (BCUHB) said a "significant number" of invitations have been sent to people in their 40s.

Dr Chris Stockport, executive director of Primary and Community Care, said: "We look ahead to offering vaccination to the remainder of the adult population in reverse age order before the end of July."

BCUHB say the vast majority of vaccination appointments for the remainder of people in Priority Groups 5-9 not yet vaccinated have been booked and invitation letters were sent in the post last week.

Mr Stockport added: "Most of these letters have been delivered, but a small number may arrive in the coming days, because of bank holiday postal arrangements. Priority Groups 5-9 includes people aged 50 and over and those aged 16-70 in an at risk group.

"We are determined to not leave anybody behind, so if you are in Priority Groups 1-5 (aged 65 or over or are clinically extremely vulnerable) and have not yet been able to take up an appointment, please call our Covid-19 Vaccination Contact Centre on 03000 840004. The lines are open Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm and Saturday to Sunday, 9am to 1pm.

"If you’re in Priority Groups 6-9 (aged 50-64 or aged 16-70 and in an at risk group), and you’ve not been able to take up an appointment, we’ll contact you to offer you another appointment in the coming weeks.

"Please be patient and don’t contact your GP or our Covid-19 Vaccination Contact Centre unless you need to cancel or amend an existing appointment."

Vaccination progress as at April 5 2021:

  • 447,420 total vaccinations have been administered in North Wales
  • First dose vaccines – 334,670
  • Second dose vaccines – 112,750

Percentage of people in Priority Groups who have received a first dose:

  • Priority Group 5 (ages 65 to 69): 93 per cent
  • Priority Group 6 (ages 16 to 64 in an at risk group): 81 per cent
  • Priority Group 7 (ages 60 to 64): 83 per cent
  • Priority Group 8 (ages 55-59): 69 per cent
  • Priority Group 9 (ages 50-54): 46 per cent

Vaccination supply for the week ahead

Mr Stockport said: "Of the 25,000 vaccines allocated to the health board this week, over half will be used for second doses."

This week BCUHB is continuing to provide vaccination to the following groups, with invitations made by letter, text message and phone call:

  • People aged 65-69 years (Priority Group 5)
  • People aged 16-64 years with underlying health conditions (Priority Group 6)
  • People aged 60-64 years (Priority Group 7)
  • People aged 55-59 years (Priority Group 8)
  • People aged 50-54 years (Priority Group 9)
  • Second doses to those who have received their first vaccination up to 12 weeks ago
  • People in Priority Groups 1-4 who were not able to take up an appointment when they were originally invited

Anyone that receives an invitation for an appointment but are sure they do not wish to be vaccinated is asked to let the health board know so the appointment can be offered to somebody else.

Because appointment invitations for Priority Groups 5-9 have already been sent in the post, BCUHB may invite people in their 40S to receive vaccination at short notice, to fill missed appointment slots.

There is no formal reserve list that people in their 40s need to apply to join - BCUHB will use their existing records to contact residents.