WREXHAM Council is asking for the help of the public in identifying ways to improve local cycling and walking routes.

The authority has launched an interactive map whereby residents can click on specified areas and leave comments on how they think the route can be improved.

The plans are for some specific areas in Wrexham; these areas have been shaded on an interactive map - which is available at https://wrexham.commonplace.is

A screenshot of the interactive map.

A screenshot of the interactive map.

You can also tell the council about things outside of these places, but the authority's main focus is to improve areas where there is the greatest need for change and highest potential for more people to choose active travel.

The locations were chosen because they’re where the facilities are that people travel short distances to regularly – schools, leisure centres, employment sites, local shopping districts and transport interchanges.

Covid-19 has seen a big change in people choosing to walk or cycle rather than use their cars and the council says it wants to make sure its prepared to support this increase as much as possible.

A Wrexham Council spokesperson said: "We also want to know what barriers you face in using the current walking and cycling routes. Are they too short? Are there too few of them? Do you feel safe using them? Are there enough of them?

"Please take a few minutes to take part."

The consultation is ongoing until June 25 and the council says it will use the views to develop its future infrastructure which it will formally consult on later in the year.