MORE than 30 speeding motorists have been recorded since a volunteer team returned to the roadside.

The Leader reported previously how the Buckley Community Speedwatch team was "called back into action" last week.

Its coordinator Cllr Arnold Woolley said three roadside sessions have so far been carried out and the members now plan to be "out and about as usual."

He said: "The three times we have been out have resulted in 32 speeders being picked up. "That's somewhat less than we'd normally expect but we know the moment we appear in our yellow jackets headlights start flashing and everyone calms down.

"A police officer in an unmarked car told us he was coming down towards us on Alltami Road and he was flashed - they were warning him we were there.

"It makes you wonder with all that going on how we pick up as many people as we do.

"The highest speed from the last three sessions was 47 miles per hour in Bryn Road.

"It is a 30 mile per hour zone, it has a walkway on one side and leads to the school at Argoed.

"We do get kids coming up and down that road and with vehicles going 45 to 50 miles per hour, we wonder what is on their minds.

"We will be out and about as usual and the letters will fly."

And the speed of vehicles isn't all the group picks up, Cllr Wooley said.

He explained: "We will be able to see where vehicles have no MOT or current taxation.

"We found one vehicle with no MOT - in fairness, it expired the previous day.

"But I'd urge people to check their insurance. Most policies say they're valid as long as the vehicle is legal on the road.

"If you have no MOT, even if it's expired by one day, and you have a crunch you could be in deep trouble.

"This is something we see regularly; around 3 per cent of the cars we record have no MOT or tax.

"Something we have also encountered is cloned vehicle plates.

"Over the three recent sessions we have done, there was one vehicle where we're certain of the number plate we recorded but it didn't accord with the DVLA for the vehicle type or colour we saw.

"The probability is that these vehicles are being used for criminal activity."